Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Not the all-terrains I expected!

I have been trying to wear out the tires that came on my Land Cruiser for a year now.  About 6 months ago I picked up some tundra wheels with some off size tires and planned to use them on an off road trailer.

Then a few months ago I saw a set of steel wheels with some bfgoodrich  33" rough terrains on them.  They only had 5-10K left in tread but I figured I could get some use out of them and try out some 33s on the land cruiser.  There are a lot of people out there who prefer steel wheels off road due to their durability.  My opinions on that are evolving but I'll save that for another post.

I headed out to this little tire shop with the stealies for sale with the hopes of making a deal.  The guy at the shop said he usually didn't trade but he was interested.  I agreed to make an even swap if he gave me a deal when I came into get some all-terrains in a few months.  He was happy with that and it was a deal.

While I was there I got some prices on a couple different KO2 sizes.  The owner pulled up some prices on a some Falkin Wildpeak AT3s as well and told me that was what he was recommending.  These were easily going to save me $500 on the set over the BFGoodrich's.  I have used KO2s for the better part of the last 20 years so I was skeptical.  I left that day but did plenty of research on the wildpeaks.  When it comes to the raw stats the wildpeak AT3s and KO2s are nearly identical.  The wildpeaks have a 55K warranty and as far as I can tell youtube reviews are proving out the longevity.  

I wore out the Rough Terrains and headed in for the new set before hunting season and snow in the mountains.  Good to his word the owner gave me a great deal.  The shop is an old country family owned place and is a fun little place to watch in operation.  The man worked as an efficient team.  I had them place my original tires on the stealies as a reserve set and the Falkens back on the alloys.  I took them out to the mountains the very next weekend and they preformed flawlessly.

Here is a video of them being mounted and a little walk around right after they were installed. Check out the Land Cruiser 33" Falken WildPeak AT3Ws!

I'll be sure to let everyone know how they perform down the road but so far I am very happy with them especially considering I can almost get a second set with the money I saved over the KO2s.  Not the all-terrains I expected but a new favorite for me.

If you live in central Virginia and are interested in check out this shop shoot me an email and I will point you to them.  They are worth the visit.

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