Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This overland Jeep Cherokee will Inspire Your Creativity!

When I stopped at Blue Ridge Overland Gear I not only got the VIP tour but a walk around of Adam's sweet overland Jeep Cherokee.  His rig has two dometic fridge/freezers installed, an RV shower, blue sea dual battery system, batwing/foxwing awning, roof top tent, coleman camp kitchen, DIY bumper with jerry cans, and more.  This beast is expedition ready and has some really cool and unique diy features.  Check it out I think you are really going to enjoy it!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Brady Adventures YouTube Trailer is Here, Finally!

Without further adieu check out our new trailer!


VIP Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tour

Hey Guys,

Last weekend I was rolling through western Virginia and realized I was passing by Bedford Virginia.  I decided to take a little adventure and head to Blure Ridge Overland Gear's store.  It was opening up right when I arrived and Adam the companies marketing and sales guy gave me an amazing tour of the place.  It was an absolutely beautiful drive and the store was well worth the stop. 

Blue Ridge Overland Gear sells ARB, ALU-CAB, James Baroud, and many other overland products but the real cool stuff is there own in house designed overland organization gear for your rig.  There gear is modular and has tons of Velcro and molle.  These products really bridge the gap between the various adventure communities, from overland to prepper to family camper to hunter, this gear is perfect to take advantage of the dead space in your rig.  Everything is made right there in the shop and it is of the highest quality. 

Check out the tour and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments and subscribe to our channel to keep up with our latest adventures.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Perfect Overland Wiring Fuse Block

Hey guys,

We love blue see products for our overland wiring applications.  There marine ready quality stands up to whatever offroad punishment you can give it. We have a pretty complete plan for the Land Cruiser that we are getting ready to install and document but in the mean time the Blue Sea Systems ST Blade ATO/ATC Fuse Block with 12 circuits, negative bus and cover is on sale on Amazon for $28.  This is the lowest I have ever seen it.  So if you need one or might need one jump on it while it's this low! I have had my eye on this one for a while. It should easily cover the full needs of my accessories in the land cruiser.

The link price below doesn't always reflect the price on the site click through to see if it's still on sale.

I am going to pair the fuse block with some relays probably get three of these.

and switches. Not sure which switch panel I am going to get.  I expect to have switching in multiple locatoions but was hoping to stick this one where the sunglasses holder is.

and attach it all to the auxiliary battery. 

More to come on this in the very near future.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A great way to secure your cargo

After finishing up the Land Cruiser overland off-road drawer build we had to decide on a method to secure cargo on top of the drawer.  

We thought about using D-rings in the corners or three on each side and a row in the middle but we all know as your cargo load changes the set locations tend to not be ideal.  

We decided to use Steadymate L-track from US Cargo Control to give us maximum securing flexibility.

There are three main types of L-track, standard, angled, and recessed mount.
Standard is nice because it comes in several powder coated colors.  It is also slightly narrower than the angled track making it ideal when you have tight space considerations.

Recessed is nice because everything could be flush mounted to the drawers.  I would have preferred the recessed mount but was worried about weakening the top of the drawers due to the required mounting depth and I was also concerned that if I wanted to move or change things in the future that would no longer be an option.  

Angled I chose angled since it seemed it would be easier to drag gear over.

End Caps We also installed end caps to ensure no snagging on the ends of the track. Click on the image for current pricing.
D-Rings There are many styles of tie down accessories these are the ones we chose to to the rubberized coating and look.  They hold a little less than the all metal options but hold way more than we will ever secure on the drawers. Click on the image for current pricing.

Check out this video to check out the install in the land cruiser.

Thanks for stopping by!