Monday, November 20, 2017

VIP Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tour

Hey Guys,

Last weekend I was rolling through western Virginia and realized I was passing by Bedford Virginia.  I decided to take a little adventure and head to Blure Ridge Overland Gear's store.  It was opening up right when I arrived and Adam the companies marketing and sales guy gave me an amazing tour of the place.  It was an absolutely beautiful drive and the store was well worth the stop. 

Blue Ridge Overland Gear sells ARB, ALU-CAB, James Baroud, and many other overland products but the real cool stuff is there own in house designed overland organization gear for your rig.  There gear is modular and has tons of Velcro and molle.  These products really bridge the gap between the various adventure communities, from overland to prepper to family camper to hunter, this gear is perfect to take advantage of the dead space in your rig.  Everything is made right there in the shop and it is of the highest quality. 

Check out the tour and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments and subscribe to our channel to keep up with our latest adventures.


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