Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Dual Battery Gear is In!

Hey everyone all the dual battery gear is in and I wanted to give you an overview and links to all the products we are using. We will be posting videos twice a week on the progress and updating the blog as well. Check out this video giving you an overview of the gear we have so far. I also describe and provide links for most of the gear below. Please send us any questions via email or feel free to leave comments in our videos and thanks for stopping by.

Blue Sea ML-ACR is the heart of the system and controls whether the batteries are connected while running and disconnected when off. It also offers manual controls on the unit and via an in cab switch. Below are two videos that show the switch and explain why we selected it over other options.

We chose Odyssey batteries are here is a video of us receiving the batteries and how we chose odysseys over the other options. We got the batteries from

We mounted the batteries using slee offroad battery trays here is the unboxing video for those.

The wire between the batteries and the ML-ACR and between the auxiliary battery and the accessory fuse block must be fused by the batteries. We decided to use blue sea 5187 and 5190 terminal fuse blocks for this purpose. Blue Sea Fuse 5187 and 5191. We are using 300 amp fuses between the batteries and 1/0 gauge wire and a 200 amp fuse to the accessory fuse block with 2 gauge wire.

We selected these mil spec terminals and covers for the main connections to the auxiliary battery.

From the auxiliary battery we used 2 gauge wire to a Blue Sea 12 Circuit Fuse Block protected by a 120 amp blue sea 187 breaker.

We used a number of different sizes of Seltrem Marine Tinned Eyelets for the various wire sizes and terminal connection sizes. Most of these will require a hydraulic crimper we chose an inexpensive one that should do the job.

We chose this firewall boot and will be running the 2 gauge wire, wiring to the battery monitor, and wiring to the ml-acr in cab switch. We picked up an assortment of 6 gauge wire for the ml-acr switch and this should be good for future switching projects.

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