Wednesday, September 5, 2018

100 Series Land Cruiser DIY Overland Drawer Build Day 1

We got further on day one than I could have expected. We nearly cut all the 3/4" birch plywood boards needed for assembly. Cut all of the dados and things were coming together pretty good. We spent a ton of time up front trying to decide on how to attach the drawers to the land cruiser. Considering turnbuckles to the D-rings and U-bolts we ultimately decided to settle on bolting directly to the third row seat mounts. We also spent a good amount of time deciding on how tall the drawers would be based on the height of the folded seats, the safe dimensions, etc. Everything started coming together once we had the base cut. Then it was all about precision. We wanted to be sure everything we tight and square and that means measure 20 times and cut once. Setting the saws and ensuring the precision of our pencil lines were key. It also helped that my dad and I would question and double check each other’s work. In the end it looks like it is going to be a pretty solid set of off road 4x4 DIY drawers. I am anxious to see how the will hold up to the trial and the long term and hoping the cabinet making techniques help. Project hundy (100 series land cruiser) is off and running and this is the first major upgrade / modification that will serve as the base for getting the electronics setup which will lead to other major upgrades so keep looking out for new videos.

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