Thursday, March 26, 2020

Overland Lock for the Front Runner Pro Table Under Rack Bracket

Front Runner Pro Table Under Rack Bracket is an accessory for your Slimline II rack that allows you to store either a Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table, a Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table or a Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table With Basin underneath it. The lock that front runner sells is terrible. For the same money you can get these locks.
Master Lock 131T Aluminum Covered Locks Master Lock 120T Brass Locks

Roofnest Falcon In-Depth Walk Around - Clam Shell Roof Top Tent

Here's a complete in depth Roofnest Falcon Roof Top Tent walkaround before we get it installed on the land cruiser.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming install video and all of our adventures this coming summer. We also have a unique idea for getting the tent on and off the roof so keep an eye out for that too.

How we chose our LED light strips - 100 Series Land Cruiser Overland Rig Build

When I ordered my firstLED light strip I had no idea what I was getting and just wanted to have some fun lights while camping. I ended up installing these in the rear for general lighting and for fun. Not all LED strips are the same. Here are links to some of the products mentioned in the video:

Govee Dreamcolor APP Control Bluetooth 16.4ft Multicolor LED Light Strip

Double Sided Tape 3M VHB Waterproof Foam Tape for LED Strip Lights

Keep an eye out for the installation of a dream color music sync bluetooth led strip in the roofnest falcon. It can be a real challenge to figure out the difference between strips on amazon but here are a few things to consider. LED Types: most strips have SMD5050 LEDS indicates the size of the led 5mm by 5mm and contains 3 leds RG and B to create various colors. LED Density: some strips have 3 LEDs every for inches (150/5m) and some have 6 LEDs (300/5m) I generally look for the low density strips to minimize power consumption. LED Strip Waterproofing - some strips have a silicone cover that makes the strip itself waterproof. I always pick waterproof for overland durability. Adhesive Backing - adhesive or not - you can buy better Voltage - Strips are DC and voltage vary from 3v to 5v to 12v and 24v. most strips come with a 120v AC to DC transformer and not all indicate the DC voltage. If you want to wire them in your truck make sure the strip is 12v LED Strip Controllers: Smart/Addressable/Programmable/Dream Color/Color chasing controllers will consume some power so good to put them on a switch. Many strips can display many colors but only one color for the entire strip at a time. Some strips have integrated IC circuits and are able to display different colors for every 3 LEDs Controllers Types - Communication Types - RF/IR/WIFI/Bluetooth If you are operating disconnected you should avoid wifi RF remotes have worked well for me. Bluetooth generally have an app that give you many more light controlling features. Other Features to consider: Music sync Color chasing patterns Phone apps Levels of diming etc. Length and connectors LED Strip Length: How many depends on strip and controller Generally length is 16.4ft and some kits string 2 together or run two independently from one controller.