Wednesday, September 5, 2018

DIY Overland Drawer Nylon Strap Handles

Just a quick vid on the nylon strap handles that I added to the drawers so I could get the wings open from the back of the vehicle. Coyote brown to match everything of course

Securing Overland Cargo on our DIY Drawers

After finishing up the Land Cruiser overland off-road drawer build we had to decide on a method to secure cargo on top of the drawer. We thought about using D-rings in the corners or three on each side and a row in the middle but we all know as your cargo load changes the set locations tend to not be ideal. We decided to use Steadymate L-track from US Cargo Control to give us maximum securing flexibility. There are three main types of L-track, standard, angled, and recessed mount. Standard is nice because it comes in several powder coated colors. It is also slightly narrower than the angled track making it ideal when you have tight space considerations. Recessed is nice because everything could be flush mounted to the drawers. I would have preferred the recessed mount but was worried about weakening the top of the drawers due to the required mounting depth and I was also concerned that if I wanted to move or change things in the future that would no longer be an option. Angled I chose angled since it seemed it would be easier to drag gear over. End Caps We also installed end caps to ensure no snagging on the ends of the track. D-Rings There are many styles of tie down accessories these are the ones we chose to to the rubberized coating and look. They hold a little less than the all metal options but hold way more than we will ever secure on the drawers.

Land Cruiser 100 Series DIY Off-Road 4x4 Drawer Build Final Walkaround

Here is our overland drawer playlist.  This was out first big project on the the land cruiser and it turned out great.  Below you will find details on the process we went through and links to most of the products we used.

Overland Drawers are a great way to get your gear organized and to be sure you can get to key items when you need to without having to unload you entire vehicle.  If you have every been camping and realized you needed a tool bag somewhere at the bottom of the pile it can be a real pain and before you know it the entire back of the vehicle is a mess.  The most experienced overlanders have a place for everything and everything is independently accessible.  We considered many alternatives like ARB outback solutions drawers but had some unique plans and ideas.  Ultimately a DIY build saved us about $1000 and was a lot of fun spending time with the family. Here is a look at the finished product. When this was filmed we had still not zeroed in on how we wanted to secure cargo so that is in the next video.

Some of the things we user on this project

Overland Drawer Build Wings, Trim, and Door Fronts

Wings, Trim, and Door Fronts

The primary frame for the drawers is just a big box.  To make things fit flush there are a number of pieces that must be cut to trim things out.  One wing on each side, one trim piece to cover the extra vertical space by the tail gate, and fronts for the drawers to cover the slides and gaps between the drawer and frame. We show how to use a simple diy scribe to make a template for each piece and how we attached each to the main frame.

DIY Overland 4x4 Drawer Build Moment of Truth Screw and Glue

Today was a big day for the overland drawer build. We glued and screwed the main cabinet together. There is no turning back now! We spent a lot of time ensuring that the vertical pieces were positioned perfectly for the best possible operation of the slides.

Mounting the overland drawer slides

First we installed inserts to mount the ryadon slides. The 4wd off-road drawers are coming along for the land cruiser. We will be filling the drawers up and getting out on our favorite overland trails in no time.

Then we test mounted the ryadon slides and checked out the locking mechanism after installing our ezlok inserts. The 4wd off-road drawers are coming along for the land cruiser 100. We will be filling the drawers up and getting out on our favorite overland trails in no time.
Here is a link to the slides on amazon and to the inserts

In this video the slides are attached, the boards are primed, painted, and ready for monstaliner, next step is to screw and glue everything. You also will notice the hatches that were added to the build.

Project Hundy DIY Drawer Build Materials

This video goes through all the key materials we are using for our off road drawer build in the back of the 100 series land cruiser. We have ryadon locking 500lb slides, ez-lok inserts, monstaliner, rustoleum primer and camo paint, bolts, screws, an amazon .5 cu foot safe, some specialty drill bits and more. We chose these over arb outback solutions drawers so that we could customize all out features and save a grand. These drawers are going to support our overland adventures!

and here are links to the materials