Friday, February 14, 2020

Why choose the Roofnest Falcon? Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Why the Falcon? We get the Roofnest Falcon off the truck, unboxed, and check it out for the first time in this video.

I was always interested in roof top tents but most of the tents that could fit the family took as much time to setup as our ground tent. Realizing that I would be taking as many trips solo, with friends, or just the kids and I, I decided to take another look. I know the biggest down side was loosing rack space. I was really interested in the Roofnest sandpiper due to its load rails that would allow me to get some items from the rack to the top of the tent. I talked with Roofnest and they pointed me to the Falcon. I didn't initially consider it due to the a-frame design but after looking at all the features I changed my mind. I am glad I did because this tent has now become the coolest piece of kit I have. We will be doing a more detailed initial workaround before we get it installed, an install video, and some sort of post install walk around and camping impression videos in the coming weeks. We also have a unique idea for getting the tent on and off the roof so keep an eye out for that too.

So here are the big reasons we chose this particular tent.

  1. Profile - This tents profile is extremely low which means it will effect gas mpg less and well let's be honest it is going to look very cool.
  2. Weight - The falcon is 135lbs. Tents get up to or even over 200lbs and that is more than I want on my roof. I have traveled with weight on the roof and less is better. Not only is it safer but the vehicle handles better.
  3. Load Rails - The available load rails are going to allow me to get a few things that were on the rack to the top of the tent.
  4. Accessory Channels - The roofnest's accessory channels take a standard M8 bolt just like the frontrunner and the possibilities are endless.
  5. Fit - the dimensions of this tent fit my frontrunner perfectly. If my rack was a 1/2" longer the tent would fit down into the rack but due to the Alu-Cab Shadow Awn's mounting brackets I am going to have to mount with the Frontrunner brackets that elevate it 1.2". Most of the competition is a few inches wider and would have caused me to mount the tent offset from the middle. Roofnest also offers and XL version that is 10" wider.
  6. Price - while this is no inexpensive item when comparing to similar tents like the Alu-Cab's Gen 3 Expedition, Go Fast Camper GFC, Eezi-Awn Stealth, and Camp King after you include the shipping costs (roofnest includes shipping in price) most of the direct competition cost $1000 or more over the roofnest.

Here are a few similar tents to compare:
Alu-Cab's Gen 3 Expedition
Image result for alu-cab stealth

Go Fast Camper GFC
Image result for go fast campers

Eezi-Awn Stealth
Image result for eezi stealth
Camp King
Image result for camp king tent

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