Saturday, February 2, 2019

Check out our Alu-Cab Shadow Awning!

Picking an Overland Awning
Picking an awning for our 100 series land cruiser was one of the hardest choices we made. There were many options between ARB, Rhino-Rack Batwing, and the Alu-Cab Shadow Awn the price range goes from $300 to $1500. Going with the top end seemed an excessive decision but the ease of use pushed is to the top of the stack. We heard stories of people barely using the awning because of setup times and inability to move the vehicle. Not a problem with the shadow awn.

Shadow Awn Installation Part 1
In part one of the install of our Alu-Cab Shadow we mount the Awn awning brackets to our frontrunner slimline II roof rack. Things didn't go quite as planned but still an easy awning install. We got our awning and brackets from ask for Chuck and let them know we sent you. He has a 100 series with this awning and was super helpful!

Shadow Awn Installation Part 2
This is part 2 of our Alu-Cab Shadow Awn Awning Installation on our 100 Series Land Cruiser Overland Rig. In this video we install the canvas case, install the mounting brackets, attach it to our frontrunner slimline 2 rack, and install the tensioning strap. We love this awning and it has been our best mod so far!

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