Saturday, March 16, 2019

Overland 12v Power System Overview and Enhancements - 100 Series Land Cruiser Overland Rig Build

We decided to make a couple upgrades to our land cruiser 12v dual battery electrical system.
There are all kinds of pros and cons to different batteries, chargers, etc.  I am confident this will meet all of our power needs without having to worry about killing a battery or loosing power while we are remote camping.  There is tons of misinformation out there on this topic.  I am no expert and am always learning but have a pretty good handle on this stuff.  There is at least one well respected very well known individual that occasionally talks about this stuff and while much of what he says is accurate key points are just plain false.  Do your research, ask questions, and consider the source.
I still haven't installed everything yet but have at least tried it all out and things are working well.
Here are links to the new equipment we are adding.  Check out our dual battery videos/posts for links to all the rest.

Renogy Solar Panel:

Victron Solar Controller:

Powermania Turbo M220V2 Dual Bank Charger:

Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Switch

HKB Electronics

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