Saturday, October 13, 2018

First things first the Tacoma needs Bluetooth!

First we had to pick the best option so in this video you see how and what we picked. The stereo for our Tacoma aka Project Sadie is in!

First mod for the Tacoma trd off-road, we desperately needed blue tooth and usb charging capability so by to the stock stereo and in goes a new pioneer we picked up for $100. It was a super easy install and sounds and works great! Here are links to the stereo and wiring harness we picked up. Pioneer FH-S700BS Toyota wiring harness Panel Tools Best Blue Sea USB Good Blue Sea USB We have had Sadie for a couple weeks now and she is in great shape. The projects we are planning for her are growing so expect her to evolve right along Bernie the 100 series. Thanks for checking us out!

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