Sunday, September 23, 2018

What will be our next Rig? How about the GX470?

The 100 series is coming along nicely and while it is just the right size for the family today I have a feeling we are going to need more space as the years go on.  I really like the idea of taking two rigs on our trips.  This means that both my wife and I get to drive.  We have the ability and fun of being able to recover each other when necessary and well it would just be cool to have two rigs.  I am in no hurry to get the next rig so we have just been causally watching the market.

So what are our current options"

100 series land cruiser:
We love the 100 series but my wife is not a fan of having two 100s.  Still an option but at the bottom of the list for now.

80 Series land cruiser:
Definitely on the list.  I would love to have an  80. I have looked at a few but unless I find something in pristine rust free condition I will not bite.  These are getting harder and harder to find so I think it's a long shot.

200 series land cruiser:
These are very high on the list.  I feel like the 200 is a little too big but the big thing here is price.  I like to get a deal and still have cash to build the rig.  These need to come down a bit before I'll pull the trigger.

4rd Gen 4runner
The V8 has the same drive train as the 100 so I like that but I am not a fan of the styling.  This one is pretty high on the list but we will see.

5th gen 4runner
Just like the 200 these are very high on the list.  Big thing here is price.  I like to get a deal and still have cash to build the rig.  These need to come down a bit before I'll pull the trigger.

2nd gen Tacoma or newer
I just bought a gen 1 tacoma to be my daily driver and ocasional day trip trail runner.  I love this little truck.  I could see us getting a newer tacoma for an overland rig since they are bigger and could be built out a little better.

Last but no least is the Lexus GX470:
This was number one on the list until now. I love how they look built.  Same drive train as the 100.  Not too big and very nice interior.  But in the end there was one concern, ... the giant back door.  I have seen and experienced how these can be a pain in the ass and also love our tailgate.  planbenterprise dropped me another great comment on his experience with his GX and well in a moment the GX went from fist to last.

Check out the comments and thanks again to planbenterprises for the great info!
Dude.  I’ve owned a GX470 for over a year.  I have stories....

Brady Adventures 
Awesome, I would love to hear them! Our plan is to have two overland rigs and the pickup. The GX is still way high on the list. Honestly the only thing that kind of turns me off is the rear door because I love tailgates.

You’re kidding me! Abso-freaking-lootly hilarious. That is the exact reason why my GX 470 sitting on the consignment lot right now. Sure it’s off road performance is amazing, it is the correct size to go on all the jeep trails without tearing your windows or your Sideview mirrors off. Sure it has all the luxurious creature comfort‘s and heavy duty drivetrain and suspension of a full-size 100 series. But when you get to where you’re going, and it’s raining or muddy or snowy, there’s no place to sit. You can’t even get the freaking groceries out of the back of the thing without leaning a foot over the rear bumper and messing up your trousers. Try going to Home Depot and picking up something that is 1 inch too long for the rear compartment, you cant just drive with the tailgate down and strap it in, you can’t even open the top part of the rear hatch and have something sticking out with a red flag. No. You’re stuck. You can’t take that thing home if it’s 1 inch longer than the rear compartment of your GX 470. You have to have a garage that is four feet longer than the length of the vehicles just open up the rear hatch so that you can get the groceries out of the back of it. And if the entrance to your house is on the other side of the open door you have to close the door with your foot so that you could walk past the door into your house. Then repeat the process all over again. Try dropping somebody off at the airport with those mother loving doors. You have to grab the large suitcase, put it to the left of the vehicle into on coming traffic, then reach over and close the door, so that you can then pick up the suitcase and put it on the curb, so that you can walk back and open up the door again and repeat this process every piece of luggage. In truth, I sit on the tailgate of my Land Cruiser more minutes and hours out of the year than I sit on my own freaking couch at home. If the GX 470 at a real tailgate like the Land Cruiser it would be as close to the perfect vehicle I could possibly imagine. (Diesel engine would be a fantasy worth drooling over). Without the tailgate it is such a tragic flaw I found myself cussing at the thing at least twice a day every day. Even frustrated the heck out of my wife. So I never modified it never put the tires, lift, rear bumper, or sliders on. I took that money, flew down to Arizona, and bought a 100 series with no rust. I’d gladly trade a tailgate for 10 miles to the gallon and having it be a bitch to park. Sad. That GX is a terrific drive. 190,000 miles and it doesn’t even leak.

Wow that's crazy, you laid out every fear I had and just helped my make up my mind that the GX is of the table! My buddy had a FJ years ago and I lover that thing too but we were tailgating one time and that giant door was a real pain in the ass. Considering how many times the tailgate was a spot for the family and I to sit and enjoy the scenery I can't imaging not having it. I still love the GX for all the reasons you mentioned it's too bad something so simple can be a deal breaker. I guess that means I need to save up for a 200 :-) Thanks for the detailed write up, if you don't mind I would like to add it to my blog. I use the word blog loosely as it is a pretty weak one right now but would like to turn it into something with unique points of view on overland topics just like this and your comments on the roof top tent!
Brady Adventures Sure. Blog it. Happy (not really) to be the guinea pig. I guess my experience can serve as a warning to others. My next tidbit of advice is as follows. Stay away from the Lexus. All the little pieces and parts exclusive to Lexi are stupid expensive. You also don’t know which parts ARE Lexus/toyota cross compatible. The door lock gizmo I need is 400 bux. Can it get a 200 dollar Land Cruiser one? Will I waste my money trying? And the alarm system. All the features controlled by the remote are not user modifiable, have to pay a dealer 100 bux to make it stop beeping when I unlock it. Lexus keys? OMG. Most locksmiths won’t touch them. Dealership wants 300 bux for a replacement. And all that plastic cladding in the side? Moisture trap for rust and corrosion. Take the plastic off and your left with a hundred square holes to fill on the body, get it right or, you guessed it, moisture traps for rust. Starter go out? $1,000. Starter is located under the intake manifold. All 100 series are like that, I know, I’m just on a bitchy roll... You’re gunna hate me. I’m selling my GX470 already, I’m 80% sure I’m also going to give up on my 100 series and just get a 4 door Tacoma. Sad. I wish 80 series parts were not drying up like they are, THAT was the perfect Land Cruiser, it just needed more power, that’s all.

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