Friday, January 10, 2020

Picking a Switch Panel and Relays for our 100 Series Land Cruiser

I have been wanting to install a rocker switch panel and relays to power up some lights on the land cruiser for quite a while. I really like the spod but it is very expensive. I considered other more economical models like the trigger and s-tech. During my search I ran into the apollointech voswitch equipment on a jeep forum. It cam highly recommended by that community so I decided to try it out. I purchased the apollointech voswitch 6 switch universal kit for about $150. It is remarkable similar to the spod and has many of the same features. I really like the construction of the relay box. To mount the switches in the overhead sunglasses holder I needed to buy a switch plate. I also picked up my first set of sxma led driving lights to go on the arb bumper. This is going to be a fun project and can't wait to see the results. Here are links to the stuff we are using:

Here's are unboxing video on this stuff:

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