Saturday, January 20, 2018

Land Cruiser 100 Series DIY Tailgate Cover

The Toyota Land Cruisers tailgate is a signature item that every Land Cruiser owner loves.  There is one problem, when deciding on materials for the tailgate Toyota failed miserably.  The tailgate cover on the 100 series is made of a fiber cardboard type backing with carpet on top.  The tailgate cover pretty nasty over the years and creating something that can withstand the punishment of overlanding is a great DIY project.   Mine was very nasty and the commercially available ones like TrekBoxx are $200+.  WIth a little bit of elbow grease and very little money you can build your own.

This thing only cost less than $50 in materials maybe a little more with the monstaliner but I had plenty of extra from the drawer build. The only thing I would change is would have hunted down some 1/2" birch so it would have had a more uniform finish.

Check out our video on our DIY Tailgate cover.

The only hard to find item are the well nuts and you can find the exact ones we used at the following link.

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