Saturday, January 20, 2018

Slee Off-Road Battery Trays for the Land Cruiser Dual Battery System

If you have a 100 series land cruiser there is really only one off the shelf option in the US for easily installing a second battery.  Slee Off-Road makes and auxiliary tray as well as an upgrade tray for the primary battery.  The aux tray is unique in that you can mount a single or dual arb air compressor along side the battery.  There is one downfall of the Slee aux tray and that is the fact the space for the battery itself is quit small only allowing for a 75/86 group battery.  We hope to overcome this challenge in the future by wiring the 31 group in the stock start position as the aux and utilizing the aux for starting.  This will give us double the capacity for accessories when the vehicle is off.

Slee also has battery trays for other vehicles, a whole bunch of off road accessories, and if you are in or near Colorado they will do the work for you.

In these two videos we get both of these trays installed and the batteries in the vehicle.

Keep and eye out for the upcoming videos and posts where we wire everything up and get ready for our future overland projects.

Please feel free to ask us any questions that you might have and thanks for stopping by.

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